WhatsApp is part of Meta’s focus on AI features, and soon the messaging app will let you edit images using an AI-powered tool. The beta version of WhatsApp hasn’t got the feature yet, which means it is still in the early development stage. Having said that, expect WhatsApp beta testers to get the AI tool in the next few weeks.

The AI-powered tool is most likely using Meta’s AI model to give you the editing feature, where you can change the style, the background of the image and more.

WhatsApp AI-Powered Image Editor: What It Offers

WhatsApp users will see a new icon when they open an image which will be green in colour. The AI edit option will let you change the background, restyle it, or even expand. We’re not sure how these modes change the images, and which prompt will be used to activate the AI tool but it does look promising to say the least.

The details provided by WeBetaInfo hints the AI-powered tool has been spotted in the Android beta version which means the future update could release the feature for everyone. This isn’t the first time we are hearing about AI tools on WhatsApp.

In a previous beta update, WhatsApp offered an AI tool which lets you create images and stickers using a text prompt. Surprisingly, the feature was rolled back from the beta version and we haven’t heard much about it since then.

We are really excited the way AI can become a potent part of the messaging app, and if Meta can actually pull it off without bringing data privacy of users into the news. We’ll be keeping an eye out for if and when the under-production AI editing tool rolls out and see how it works out.

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