The exams for the graduation students of Veer Kunwar Singh University in Arrah, Bihar, are likely to be postponed due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024. The University administration may postpone a few examinations due to a clash with polling dates. Apart from this, the administration is also facing a dilemma over exam centres as several colleges could also be used as polling centres.

Examination Schedule Clash with Lok Sabha Elections

The university management is considering alternative ways to avoid disruption in the conduct of examinations amid elections. According to the schedule, Veer Kunwar Singh University’s Graduation Part 3 exams for Session 2021-24 will be held from April 5. This year, over 80 thousand students are going to appear for the examination. In the meantime, the Lok Sabha election dates were announced recently. There is now a clash between the voting and examination dates. As a result, the entire examination schedule may be changed.

Impact on Colleges and Examination Centres

Many colleges in the Bhojpur, Buxar, Rohtas, and Kaimur districts have their graduation Part 3 examinations. Now that the Lok Sabha elections dates are announced, polling parties and election centres are reportedly planned in some of these colleges. This year, examination centres will be established in 44 colleges in the districts of Bhojpur, Buxar, Rohtas, and Kaimur. With the release of the Lok Sabha Election schedule, most of the colleges are expected to be used as polling centres.

Designation of Colleges for Election Activities

The Maharaja College in Arrah has been designated as a Lok Sabha election training centre. In addition, Al Hafeez College in Arrah and Jawaharlal Nehru College Dehri-on-Sone in Rohtas district have been designated for election-related activities. Moreover, election-related operations, as well as the deployment of military personnel, are also being carried out from the HD Jain College in Arrah. The university administration is now deliberating whether or not to designate certain colleges as examination centres.

Pressure from Authorities and Examination Plan

Speaking to, Controller of Examinations of Veer Kunwar Singh University Dr Anwar Imam said that there is pressure from the Raj Bhavan Secretariat to continue the academic sessions as per the schedule. The Education Department and Raj Bhavan have requested that the exams be conducted per the prescribed calendar. Also, a plan has been developed for conducting the exams, Dr Imam added. The graduation examination subjects are organised into four groups. The examinations will be conducted daily, depending on the group, Dr Anwar Imam explained.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Details

The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be held in seven phases, from April 19 to June 1. Polling in Bihar for all 40 Lok Sabha seats will be held across 7 phases.

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